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A professor and student working through a math problem on the white board.


Students in costume performing on stage.


A math professor at Catholic Z teaching a class.

Actuarial Sciences

Students looking through a telescope on campus.

Aerospace Engineering

hieroglyphics on pillars of an ancient temple

Africana Studies and Research

A student standing in front of the U.S. Capitol building at his internship.

American Politics

Professor and students looking over university archived photos


A student writing arabic characters on a chalkboard in class.

Arabic and Islamic World Studies

Students taking notes during field exercise


An architecture student presenting his work to the class.

Architectural Studies

A professor working one-on-one with a student.


Drafting table covered with papers

Architecture and Engineering

CatholicU student working with clay in ceramics studio

Art and Design

Professor and students studying art in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Art History

A picture of the Great Wall of China.

Asian Studies

Student in a suit sitting in a classroom

Big Data for Economics

Biochemistry researcher working in the lab.


Biology student working in the lab.


A biomedical engineering student working in a lab.

Biomedical Engineering

A biomedical engineering student working on her laptop.

Biomedical Engineering – Pre-Med

A Catholic Z professor teaching a class.

Business and Public Policy

A student raising his hand in a business class.

Business and Society

A student working in a chemistry lab.

Chemical Physics

Students in a chemistry lab taking measurements.


Civil Engineering students with hard hats working on a project.

Civil Engineering

A Catholic Z professor teaching a course on Classical Civilization.

Classical Studies

A symphony concert being conducted at St. Matthew's Cathedral.


Computer science students looking onto one computer.

Computer Science

CatholicU student conducting orchestra during performance at St. MAtthew's Cathedral in Washington, DC

Conducting Emphasis

Two female students working on a construction project

Construction Engineering and Management

Sociology professor Dr. Brandon Vaidyanathan teaching a course on crime and justice.

Crime and Justice

A student paying attention in a sociology class.


CatholicU students in dance class


Four students in engineering lab

Data Analytics

A student looking at data and information on her computer.

Data Analytics for Business

Students working a computers in digital art lab

Digital Art and Design

A professor conducts a quarter of students playing the harp.

Double Bass, Harp

Students in costume performing the Addams Family play on stage.


An economics professor meeting with two students in her office.


A professor and student going over notes in class.

Education Studies

An electric engineering student working on a machine.

Electrical Engineering

A Catholic Z student in an elementary school classroom getting hands-on experience.

Elementary Education

Female student with solar reflector

Energy and Environment

An English student taking part in discussion during class.


A business class listening to a student presentation.


Two students working in a chemistry lab.

Environmental Chemistry

A picture of a  man-made waterway.

Environmental Engineering

Student riding horses during a study abroad class trip in Europe.

European Studies

Two students working together on computer


A professor instructing students as they work on computers.


An image of people being rescued on a boat.

Global Migration and Refugees

A group of students posing for a picture while studying abroad in Italy.

Greek and Latin

Nurses working in a hospital

Health Policy

Hispanic Studies students performing a synchronized dance.

Hispanic Studies

History professor Dr. Julia Young meeting one-on-one with a student.


Catholic Z students at a professional networking event.

HR Management

A student taking notes in class on her laptop.

Information Technology

Student playing the violin

Instrumental Music Education

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden speaks to students.

Intelligence Studies

Business students standing for a photo at an off campus conference.

International Business

Economic students at a professional gathering.

International Economics and Finance – Honors

A group of students taking a picture on their study abroad trip.

Irish Studies

Arabic language professor points to Arabic words on a screen.

Islamic World Studies

Catholic Z students explaining a painting.

Italian Studies

A woman performing a traditional Mexican dance.

Latin American and Latino Studies

A professor teaching a business class in Maloney Hall.


A student solving math problems on a chalkboard.

Mathematical Finance

A professor at Catholic Z going over a math problem with a student.


Physics professor Dr. Steve Kraemer teaching a physics class.

Mathematics and Physics

Engineering students working together in the lab.

Mechanical Engineering

Two students reviewing the work they filmed for class.

Media and Communication Studies

Historical carvings.

Medieval and Byzantine Studies

Students perform 9 to 5 the Musical on stage.

Musical Theatre

student playing tuba

Music-Business Dual Degree

A student conducts a performance of Carnival of Animals on stage.

Music Education and Performance

Choir and orchestra performing at the Kennedy Center

Music – General

Music notes on a page

Music – History and Literature

Students performing in a symphony concert at St. Matthew's Cathedral.

Music – Performance

Music notes on a page

Music Theory

Students hooking a device up to another student in order to read brain waves.


A nursing student taking a patient's blood pressure.


Students in class taking notes.

Operations Management

A Catholic Z student practicing the organ.


Students speaking in front of statue of the Blessed Mother

Pastoral Ministry

United Nations building in Geneva surrounded by flags from various countries

Peace and Justice Studies

Students rehearsing a staged production.

Performing Arts Management

A philosophy class being held outside Aquinas Hall.


Philosophy students with large book

Philosophy Pre-Law

A group of students working on a device in their physics class.


A student practicing a piano on stage.


A circle of students in discussion during their Politics class.

Political Theory

A student standing in front of the U.S. Capitol building at his internship.


Students participate in a mock trial.

Politics Pre-Law

A stethoscope and laptop.


Students hooking a device up to another student in order to read brain waves.

Psychological and Brain Science

Two students presenting their Psychology research using virtual reality goggles.


A Catholic Z media studies class deep in discussion.

Rhetoric and Writing

Four students chatting in front of McMahon Hall.


A student working on a sculpture art project.


A teacher and student going over work one-on-one.

Secondary Education

A Catholic Z student gaining hands-on experience teaching in a high school classroom.

Secondary Education – English

A Catholic Z student gaining hands-on experience teaching in a high school classroom.

Secondary Education – Math

A Catholic Z student gaining hands-on experience teaching in a high school classroom.

Secondary Education – Social Studies

Social work students in class

Social Work

A student in a sociology class taking notes.


A close-up image of the sun.

Space Weather

Spanish for Health Care students gaining practical experience while studying abroad in Puerto Rico.

Spanish for Health Care

Student speaking in Spanish during a mission trip.

Spanish for International Service

A Catholic Z class standing next to a baseball statue on a class outing.

Sports Management

A tutor going over math problems with another student.


Civil Engineering students working on a group project.

Structural Engineering

A student working on artwork on the computer.

Studio Art

Solar panels on the roof of a building.


A business student working on a computer.

Technology Management

fountain in front of statue of Mary

Theology and Religious Studies

Students working as a group in the classroom.

Transportation Engineering

Students setting up cameras and filming.

Video Production and Digital Storytelling

A student performs the violin on stage.

Violin, Viola, Cello

A student singing during a performance of 9 to 5 the Musical

Vocal Performance

Catholic Z woodwind instrument players performing on stage.

Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion

A student standing in front of the London Eye during her internship abroad for the British Parliament.

World Politics